Edwardian shoes

I got my Edwardian shoes today. Black velvet, Louis heel, beautiful! But they need some bling, so I’ll be looking at either making some jewelry for them or repurposing something else.

Accessories for Mary Poppins

I had to re-watch the movie to make sure I was getting the shoes right for the opening costume for Mary Poppins. They’re actually boots. So, I found some more modern granny boots that look comfy but also look accurate. She does pull out some lovely lavender shoes out of her carpet bag though.

And the parrot umbrella is on order from the Disney Store. Unfortunately, it isn’t available in the store, so I had to order it. (Good thing I searched & didn’t let ebay be my BFF, there was a seller there with the umbrellas for twice as much as they can be bought from Disney.)



Is there any other day than busy?

Today started with me going to my sister’s & picking up some stuff to sell on ebay and donate through freecycle. Then on to scout locations for the DFW Costumers Guild Retreat. Followed up by more fabric shopping.

But we did get the fabric & lining for K’s Doctor Who vest (2 different stores, btw) and loaded up on historical Butterick patterns on sale at Hancock Fabrics.

We now only need pants & shirt fabric for her Doctor Who.