1819 Simplicity – Completed (kind of)

K wore this today even though it’s not quite complete.

I need to re-do the waistband (the pattern piece wasn’t long enough). The waistband starts at the zipper (middle of back) and goes around the body completely and then fastens on the side. It’s important that it’s the right size because the bustle is attached via the waistband). The only other change I made was to the bustle. The directions call to put casing in and the a string. I decided (in the interests of time) to use elastic sewn down every few inches instead. It would very well too.

The other item that isn’t complete is the bottom ruffle. It’s cut out, we just ran out of time. It’ll be black with the same trim on the bolero at the gather.


3 thoughts on “1819 Simplicity – Completed (kind of)

  1. This is a wonderful creation. I am planning to use this pattern to make a costume for a friend. I am curious, did you find the suggested sizes/measurement chart to be accurate? In the past, I have found simplicity patterns to be at least one size too big, sometimes two.

    Without “finished measurements” on the envelope, it is difficult for me to decide.

    My friend might use the size 14 or the size 12 (and those are two different pattern packs).

  2. They’re fairly accurate. The biggest issue I had was the waistband – I hated how the pattern directions wanted this to go together. It is better to have separate waistbands for the bustle & one for the skirt. make sure you verify the size of the waistband too.

    You really need a good corset for this to work. Otherwise, the bolero doesn’t hang right.

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