Finishing cosplays for A-Kon 23

This Memorial Day weekend is being spent in finishing cosplays for myself, Mara & Kayle. So far, we’ve finished the re-do of Nel from Bleach for Mara. Mara wasn’t happy with how it turned out when she debuted it last year at IKKiCON in Austin. She hated the color, the fabric, how it got “ripped up”. So, she bought fleece. Yes, fleece. That will be worn under the hot Texas sun. But, it’s the color she wanted it originally and it took being “ripped up” better than the t-shirt fabric did. And best of all — I didn’t sew a stitch on the new Nel!

(The image on the left is the original Nel, the image on the right is the new & improved Nel.)

We’re currently working on Hagoromo Gitsune from Nurarihyon No Mago. It’s being made of a black fabric (I need to confirm what the actual fabric is – the bolt said “assorted blacks”). It’s a Japanese schoolgirl costume. The top has a sailor collar (luckily, I’ve made a sailor collar before & can wing it!). The skirt is pleated. No pattern required for the skirt. This will be the 3rd pleated skirt I’ve made.

More still to be finished before A-Kon 23 in just a few days!

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