Costumers’ Lost Weekend recap

I’m still recovering from a great weekend with fellow costumers. Costumers’ Lost Weekend (hosted by the DFW Costumers Guild) was full of fantastic costume and knowledgeable costumers willing to share their craft.

I am still a newbie when it comes to historical costuming so the opportunity to learn from others was something I could not pass up. The panels offered in Civil War clothing and Edwardian hair styles gave me direction for current & future projects. I had never stopped to think about the shape of the sleeves or how the shoulder is dropped for Civil War fashion. And Edwardian hair? Oh my gosh! I have some rats to make! I had always thought, oh, I can use my own hair. But even with long hair, it’s easier to recreate the hairstyles of the 1910s with hair pieces.

I got some pointers from the photography panel too. I have never really done any studio photography. All my photography has been nature or candid photography. Most important statement from the photography panel for me? “You’re taking photos of the costume, not the person”.

The prop making, SciFi & adding lights to props gave me lots of ideas on how to improve my costuming in SciFi and Steampunk genres.

The Mourning Party was a hoot! I wore my mostly finished 1887 Bat Costume (minus the wings & a couple of rows of pleats). I had my fortune read by Madame Cyn. My next month will be “boring”. I chatted with old friends and got to know new friends a bit more. Although George (my sister’s skeleton) probably got more action than anyone else in the room!

The Time Traveler’s Brunch was a good way to wrap up our weekend. I wore my The Woman robe from The End of Time episode of Doctor Who & Kayle wore her 8th Doctor cosplay (she also wore it to the Mourning Party).

Overall, it was a great weekend and I learned a lot & had fun doing it!

To see the rest of my photos, check out my photostream.

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