Overdue update

Busy, busy, busy! No kids in school, but I’m still busy with sewing, work & my own school work (yes, I’ve gone back to school). We have lots of projects going on.

Kayle’s going to be Soul Evans from Soul Eater at IKKiCON this December and we’ve started gathering materials for 2 of his outfits  – the pinstripe suit & the casual outfit. Her friend Elaine will be Maka to her Soul.

We’re also going to be working on Lucy from Fairy Tail & hope to have it done for her by IKKiCON.

I decided to change up our normal convention schedule next year. We’ll still be going to All-Con & A-Kon, but we’ll be going to LoneStarCon3 (aka Worldcon71) instead of AnimeFest. I’m adding a costume based on Cordelia Naismith from Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vor Saga novels and Kayle will become the unicorn girl Acorna, from Anne McCaffery’s Acorna series.

All this plus historical costuming makes me a very busy person!

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