Change of plan

Okay, no dying of the laces on Soul’s shoes (thank goodness!)

So, here they are completely finished.

Soul’s Shoes

Kayle’s shoes for Soul Eater came in the mail a couple of days ago from Korea. We have a lot to do to get them looking like his shoes. We spent a little time this evening putting the first coat of paint on them (to cover the non-white areas). They’re MAXSTAR platform sneakers. They’ll eventually have yellow, black & white on them.

New Patterns

I just bought my patterns for my first Georgian gown – the Ladies’ 1780s Portrait Dress Pattern from Sense and Sensibility. I haven’t decided what fabric to use for it. I need to make another trip to Dallas. For my under garments, I bought the stays pattern from Mantua Maker.

I also bought my patterns for my first Regency gown. Also from Sense and Sensibility, the Elegant Ladies Closet and the Spencer patterns.

When shopping at JoAnn this evening (they had their sewing bags on sale), I bought a poly Dupioni in mushroom for my Regency gown and got a scarlet linen/poly for my Spencer.

The scarlet linen will serve a dual purpose. It will also become the pants for Kayle’s Soul Eater cosplay.