My first Worldcon

This past weekend, Kayle & I traveled down to San Antonio for our first Worldcon. Having been to lots of anime & other fandom conventions in the past 8 years, there were a few surprises.

Here is my short review:

It was a bit odd going to a convention and not really knowing anyone. I appreciated that everyone I had contact with was friendly and helpful. I know it was a bit odd for Kayle because there were so few young adults there.

The dealers room reminded me more of a series of used bookstores than anything else. I did not really look at each dealer there, mainly because my focus lately has not been purchasing hardback or paperback books, but ebooks. I wanted to possibly purchase patches from one vendor, but each time I was at their booth, the guys working it were too busy chatting with others. We left the booth after spending several minutes each time without being assisted, even after trying to make eye contact so I could interrupt their conversations.

The panels we attended were well attended (for the most part). Most of the panels we went to were in the costuming track. We absolutely loved the Makeup Techniques panel. It has been way too long since I was in high school and college theatre and doing theatrical makeup. My impression after some of the other costuming panels was that if your costume has bling and is shiny, it’ll do wonderfully in Masquerade (again, this was only my impression).

The readings & autograph sessions were fantastic. We did not stay at the convention hotel, but instead stayed in a garage apartment rental (which was fabulous, BTW). We were able to cook breakfast and other meals/snacks every day. My only regret about not being at the con hotel is that we didn’t go to any of the parties.

The Hugo Awards was an incredible experience for a first-timer. Having had the opportunity to vote on the winner for each award was fantastic. My only drawbacks to the Hugo Award presentations were that the AC was dripping condensation on my the entire time and hearing the person sitting near me make disparaging remarks about some of the presenters and “boo” under her breath at some of the nominees. We couldn’t really move either (big hair in front of us would have obstructed our vision if we’d slid down a seat).

Worldcon bid disappointment – yes, we were a bit disappointed that Orlando did not win the bid to host the 2015 Worldcon. Most of my disappointment stems from the fact that we were going to make the 2015 Worldcon a family vacation and it would have been all of us going (myself, Kayle, Mara, Alecks & little Trystan). But that’s okay. I can concentrate on the local and regional conventions until Worldcon is closer to Texas. Maybe KC in 2016 or NOLA in 2018.

Overall, we enjoyed our first Worldcon experience and look forward to attending again.