52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – #1 Eliza Ann Howard White

I’m late for the party on this, but I just learned about this new challenge. To blog about one of your ancestors each week in 2015.


To follow the optional theme of tough woman for this week, I have chosen to focus on Eliza Ann Howard. She was my 4th great-grandmother.

Eliza Ann was born in 1822 in the San Augustine Territory of Texas. Her parents were John Harrison Howard and Keziah Varner.

Something must have gone on shortly after the Texians fought for and won their independence from Mexico because she and her entire family were charged with arson in 1837. I’ve not been able to review the court documents yet (that requires a trip to where the records are archived).

Around 1837 or early 1838, she married William Covington White. That September, she had my 3rd great-grandfather, John Covington White. She was 15.

Before 1840, she had lost her first husband, had remarried and had moved to Louisiana. She and her new husband, Gibson Johnson, had possibly 12 children together.

She died at age 71 in Vernon Parish, Louisiana.

She was a strong, tough woman who was a teenager during the Texas War for Independence and had overcome the adversity of being charged with arson as a teen. She went on to have a successful life and raised children

5 thoughts on “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – #1 Eliza Ann Howard White

  1. Neat. My grandmother traced her family tree back to England. One of my dad’s cousins have all the paperwork and printed a book. I really should get a copy from her and read it.

    • From what I’ve been able to find, her 1st hubby came over from Ireland. But I’m still tracing his line. I’ve been able to trace quite a few lines back to Englahd, Wales, Ireland & Scotland. Oh, and Germany.

    • Oh, and her mom’s family MAY have been related to the Varner’s that established the Varner-Hogg Plantation but I haven’t confirmed it with documentation.

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