Couldn’t be prouder!

Kayle received an Honorable Mention for her Clara Sherwood costume at the 26 Seasons of Gallifrey Masquerade!


These shots are from a little photoshoot we had with a fantastic 12th Doctor that is also a member of the Order of Gallifrey.

DSC_0152 DSC_0154

One thought on “Couldn’t be prouder!

  1. Sylvia Evelyn says:

    Dreer!!!! Great shots of Kayle!!! I am so sorry, I lost your business card you wrote your phone # on in Denton. Then I found it, but before I could call I lost it again.
    When you see this could you please call me at Number deleted. I know it is probably to late for any of my people to join yours at the Perot museum but would still like to hear from you soon. Sorry I lost your number. My life here is rather chaotic.
    Thanks, Sylvia ( the Pandorica River Song)

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