Bias Cut Underskirt

The silk that I coffee dyed a couple of months ago is finally cut out! Due to the “inspiration” photos, it had to be cut out on the bias.

Here’s a before & after photo of the silk that was dyed. It was still a bit damp in this photo.


More to come soon!



Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree

Wait! That’s not a Christmas tree! But, it is for us this year.


I used a plain, black dress form that I recently acquired. Prior to this, she was styling the collapsible bustle that we learned how to make this summer at Costumers’ Lost Weekend (aka CLW).


From the dress form, we added a skirt of chicken wire.


Instead of greenery, I thought it would be neat to use the vintage aluminum Christmas tree that my Mom gave me last year. The “bodice” was Christmas mesh I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

When we went through our Chistmas boxes, I discovered a blue velvet tree skirt that I hadn’t used. So, it received a trim at the waist so it would fit snugly on the dress form’s 25″ waist.

The other goodies added:

  • Necklace from my costume box, purchased at Sam Moon several years ago
  • Greenery from my Christmas decor
  • blingly bow, purchased from Hobby Lobby