Dematerialization Circuit now in progress

I just had to make one of these since they appeared on a new episode of Doctor Who. This version will be the smaller one but I do plan on making the larger circuit from Classic Who.
The middle is a shooter marble. The arms will be made from small storage tubes, trimmed to 4 cm roughly.

So far, I’ve trimmed the tubes and dipped them in transparent glass paint.

The tubes now have 4 coats of paint on them. Rather than using a brush, I opened the bottle and gently dipped each end.

The paint has cured and has now been glued to the shooter marble with E6000.

The next step will be to decide if I want to add LED lights and taping the edges in prep for the silver paint. 

Small plastic tubes – Hobby Lobby

Marble – Hobby Lobby

Stained glass transparent paint – Amazon

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