Who is Bank of Mom anyway?

Okay, you’re on my page. But who is Bank of Mom? And how did she pick that cool name?

I’m a single parent in my late-40s of 2 young adults. My oldest daughter, Mara, will be 26 in January 2016. Mara is meine kleine deutsche Mädchen (my little German girl). She was born while I was active duty Army, serving in Heilbronn, Germany. My youngest daughter, Kayle, was born in Missouri while her dad was stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, turned 22 in July 2015.

When they were in school, they developed a love for Japanese manga and anime. From that love, they moved into cosplay (costume play). It was during this time that the parental role of being an ATM really came into play (this after gymnastic lessons, music lessons, etc.) After seeing Mara buy a costume from overseas for Tifa (Final Fantasy Advent Children), I said “I can make your costumes better than what you can buy”. Thus, I started using my rusty sewing skills. And, boy, were they rusty!

Like many of us, sewing took a back seat to the many other hobbies in my life, such as genealogy, gardening, reading, scrapbooking, stained glass and more. It has only been in the past 8 years or so that I began to refresh my skills.

I learned how to sew at the feet of my own mother, very literally. She would be making clothing for one of us and I’d be designing and hand sewing doll clothes while sitting on the floor next to her. She is still the first person I go to when I have problems in sewing.

Growing up, I volunteered my mom to make many choir & band uniforms, as well as costumes for lots of plays and musicals. Everything from a medieval gown & henin hat to a 1920s bathing suit to a skunk furry to multiple 1950s dresses.

In case you were wondering, we’re involved in some fantastic costuming groups. We still try to make events put on by the DFW Costumers Guild (including Costumers’ Lost Weekend that is actually in my neck of the woods) and the Order of Gallifrey for our Whovian activities.

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