Missy debuts

I debuted Missy at Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days a couple of days ago (Saturday, February 7, 2015). I loved the reaction I got from everyone! So many people knew who I was and only one person asked me if I was Mary Poppins.

Programming the Cyberwoman

Selfie time! Say something nice!

The costume itself had little issues. The bottom snap on the jacket needs a hook & eye fastener on it as well as the snap. It just didn’t want to stay snapped.

And at the end of the day (we left early because I wasn’t feeling that great), this was my look:

Tired Missy


Missy Update

Goodness, I’ve been very bad about keeping this updated.

I’ve finished her hat (except for her hat pin):

missy hat

And have begun working on her device (casting of the back of the device):

missy device casting

Bracelet for The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere

I finished my bracelet for the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere from upcoming Doctor Who episodes today.

Dark Silver Bracelet

For the base of the bracelet, I purchased and inexpensive Tibetan Silver bracelet off eBay for 99¢. I had already placed an order for some kato polyclay from Fire Mountain Gems (as well as the glaze to finish it).

Since the silver clay was, well, silver, I mixed and blended black clay into it. 


Then I worked the clay into the bracelet, smoothed it out, took 3 small balls of clay, flattened them and added them to the bracelet.


I’ll know once it’s cooled if it was a success. If it was, then I’ll apply the glaze.

First prosthetic – horn for Acorna

I would say this is a success. Kayle & I have been working on her horn for over a week now. Thanks to the Mistress of Disguise (Megan Martin) for her prosthetic panel during Costumers’ Lost Weekend and her tutorial, we were able to figure out how to do it.

A few things we did differently from what Megan recommended:
Type of clay – we used the Crayola oil based clay (Megan recommends Plastilina, but we were running short on time)
UltraCal 30 – we used Plaster of Paris
Gold spray paint instead of a clear coat


Painting leather

I’ve been painting a prop for an upcoming costume and since I needed to have the end result to be silver, I went with what several online blogs suggested – Angelus acrylic leather paint. Each piece of leather is cleaned, then given one coat of paint in light grey with the final coat being silver paint.

The Angelus leather paint has been great to work with. Each bottle (1 oz) has its own brush similar to what you have for nail polish. The dried paint still allows the leather to move without the paint cracking. If you have some leather that needs painting, Angelus is a great media to work with. I purchased my bottles from Dharma Trading.

The top strap has 1 layer of grey followed by 1 layer of silver paint.The middle strap has 1 layer of grey paint.
The bottom strap is nicely clean with zero paint <grin>.