3 Musketeers

When the announcement that Tim Curry would be a guest at Fan Expo Dallas, the girls and I made immediate plans to create a group cosplay from one of his movies with myself, my girls Mara & Kayle, and Coleen. Our first thought was Clue, as we all enjoyed his performance as Wadsworth. But we decided that it might be best if we did a group cosplay from the 3 Musketeers.

Planning consisted of obtaining a tabard pattern, collecting the fabric, shaping the hats and putting it all together.

3 yards of blue felt, 35+ yards of silver trim, 1 yard of lame plus interfacing equals four 3 Musketeers tabards!

photo courtesy of Bill Swafford

Putting the tabards together worked best as an assembly line. Cut them all out, sew the front & back together. Sew all the silver ribbon on the base & sleeves (or wings as I started calling them). Then all the crosses & tulips could be sewn on. If I were to redo them, I would make the crosses a bit bigger than I did.

Tip: having the silver thread worked best in the bobbin when zigzagging around all the crosses and tulips. 

This was the first time I had attempted to create floppy hats from a wool capeline. Since I have limited hat shaping supplies, I used a wooden hat stretcher and hat stiffener with a lot of steam from my fabric steamer. We do need to correct the sides our feathers are on though – they should all be on the same side.

Costume Breakdown:


Royal Blue Felt from Jo-Ann Fabrics

Silver Lamé from Hobby Lobby (my local Jo-Ann didn’t have any non-crinkly Lamé in stock)

2″ Silver Metallic Ribbon Trim from ebay store colorful-shopping

MRMandelion – Randwulf’s Mandelion Pattern from etsy seller Patterns of Time


Wool Felt Capeline from Jedrzejko Company

Bickmore Kahl Hat Stiffener

Wooden Hat Stretcher

Steam (lots of steam!)

Ostrich Feathers


The two features that were important on the shirts were the wide collars and the floppy sleeves. I purchased the three shirts for Mara, Kayle & I from Amazon. Mine was the Underwraps Costumes Men’s Pirate Shirt (B00LJ2F2DS)  and Mara & Kayle both had the Underwraps Costumes Men’s Renaissance Pirate Shirt (B00LJ2F0C6). My shirt was a much higher quality fabric than what the girls had. We also put the shirts through a tea dye.


I used the bucket boots that I had purchased for Lady Me’s Knightmare. And we had to search locally for boots for the girls.


Since these costumes were going to be immediately worn at a comic convention, we went with prop sword made of plastic.

I also made scabbards out of PVC for our swords. The scabbards had the added benefit of acting as a straightener for our plastic blades.

The final product! Our photo op with Tim Curry! He made a lovely gagging motion when he first saw us. I wish he’d made it in the photo! The Musketeers have taken Cardinal Richelieu!