Novel Inspired – Acorna


This costume is complete. Due to my having a migraine during Worldcon 71 (and Kayle not having a license to drive herself to the convention center), it was not debuted there. It may be debuted at FenCon X next month instead.

Kayle did most of the sewing with me assisting on the more difficult areas. Fabric was purchased from Golden d’Or Fabrics.

We decided to make a latex prosthetic for the horn instead of using Model Magic. We used the Mistress of Disguise’s prosthetic tutorial to make it.


prosthetic horn with mold


Acorna gown, almost complete.

Another change was moving from making the hooves ourselves to purchasing hooves. I decided that rather than chance my workmanship and possible broken bones to purchase hooves from the incredible artist, Oonacat.

(Original post below)

This costume is still in the planning stage, but I have started gathering the materials needed.

Concept – Use one or more of the covers from the Acorna series as a costume for Kayle. She’ll become the Unicorn Girl from head to hooves.

  • Head – wig (already purchased); horn (will be made using Crayola Model Magic and affixed to K’s head with spirit gum)

    purchased from ebay seller 11chenfeng22

  • Dress (not yet started – still need to determine which cover to use)
  • Hooves (I’ve found a couple of good tutorials on how to do hooves and plan on combining them along with making some changes.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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