Doctor Who – Clara Oswald (Deep Breath)

This costume was seen in the 1st episode of the 9th season of Doctor Who, Deep Breath. Clara & the Doctor travel to Victorian London and meet up with the Paternaster Gang.

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And procrastination was the name of the game! We started purchasing fabric for this when we were in LA for Gallifrey One 2015. The green poly velvet was purchased in the LA fabric district; the silk that makes up the underskirt was purchased this summer at my local Hancock Fabrics in their upholstry section. It’s not as thick as we’d like it to be but it was one of the only fabrics we could locate with the squares the right size. I also applied a coffee/tea dye to the fabric. The trims were purchased in a variety of locations too, with some coming from our shopping excursion in LA and some locally.

img_20160207_194747953.jpg img_20160207_194737555.jpg

Truly Victorian 463 was used for the bodice with adjustments made for the inset silk and the back.
Wingeo 319 Tournure Skirt pattern was used for the underskirt.
The overskirt and apron was draped and no pattern was used.

Foundation garments:
2 petticoats

“Tavistock” American Duchess Victorian boots in ivory.