Final Fantasy – Lulu

Lulu from Final Fantasy X took a year & a half for Mara & I to finish. She debuted it at A-Kon 22.

The skirt is microsuede, using Butterick B4131, modified for the belts. The belts were all purchased at local resale shops and are attached using Gorilla Glue.The belts are very heavy (all are leather & there are several buckles). It’s actually an apron and does not put weight on the skirt

The original corset was New Look 6480, modified for accuracy. The new corset is made from Simplicity 2966, modified for accuracy. The fur is a vintage fur, re-purposed and attached to the corset with safety pins. The sleeves were done without a pattern. The lace on both the skirt & sleeves is Venetian lace, individually chosen for color.

The accessories (necklaces, earrings & hair sticks) were all hand made by Mara & I.

Mara as Lulu

Close up of Mara as Lulu from Final Fantasy X, AnimeFest 2012.

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