Missy’s MPDA

I felt that this needed more than just a blog post, so the Missy MPDA (Missy/Master Personal Destructive Assistant) gets its own page.

When I first started cosplaying Missy, I tried to sculpt clay, do a resin cast of it and attach it to a cell phone case. It was an epic fail! The adhesive did not stick and the clay lost its edges.

So, when one of my fellow cosplayers began to model 3D images of them, I was like, “Oh, I want one of those”. It was shiny & beautiful!

(Check out my blog post here with the links to Kara’s shapeways account).

My new MPDA is now complete! I did make some changes from the 3D print though – the rounded bits that should be red were replaced with red velum; there are sound activated LED lights; and I added an iris diaphragm to the smaller opening. I’ll show images of all that goodness a bit further down. To get the LEDs to fit, I made a hole in the housing so they’d fit flat. The LEDs are sound activated


3D printed MPDA housing
iPhone 4
iris diaphragm,  1.5-36mm with 14 Blades
2 red LED assemblies from party bracelets
Paint (black acrylic, inka gold in hematite, glow in the dark paint for the 3 recessed holes, silver paint pen for all the raised areas).
red velum
craft foam to cushion the phone
2.5mm screws to close it up.

More in progress images: