Doctor Who – Dematerailisation Circuit

This is actually take 3, but it’s finished. The biggest obstacle was keeping it together. Every adhesive I attempted to use had problems. But, it’s finished.

When I first began the planning for this prop, I had intended to make the smaller version from Season 10, but it ended up be more along the lines of the Classic Who version.

Ingredients list:
Small plastic tubes – Hobby Lobby
Marble – Hobby Lobby
Stained glass transparent paint – Amazon
Apoxie Sculpt – Fire Mountain Gems
Brass paper fasteners – Target
Glue (too many to count!)
Spray paint – Walmart
Viva Inka-Gold – JoAnn’s
20 gauge wire (red, silver) – Walmart
black EVA foam – Michaels
green & blue beads – from my stash

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