My sister & I have been researching our family history for over 15 years.

Some of the names in our family tree are: Grissom, Weaver, Boothe, Green, Luther, Havard, West, Joplin, Whitman, Briant, Laswell, Martin, McVey.

My paternal DNA was tested several years ago by a sibling and the Haplogroup my Weaver line descends through is R1b. I had my mtDNA tested in 2014 and my maternal Haplogroup is T2. My autosomal DNA has been uploaded to GEDmatch. If you want to see if we’re possibly related, email me for my kit number.

One of our distant cousins has traced our Weaver ancestry to Cunedda, a Welsh king born about 375 in Scotland.

This is the cabin Larkin Chivers Weaver built in Angelina County, TX. He moved to Texas from Georgia in 1837.

3 thoughts on “Genealogy

  1. Sharlon jackson says:

    Think I sent you a note on other site. There is a Weaver Reunion held every second Sat. In June at Larkin Weavers old homesite. My parents live there now. As the old folks have passed on it has shrunk & we are trying to reach out to those a bit younger to keep it going. Last year was great. On facebook go to Weaver’s Reunion for some pics from last year.

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