Prop Box / Faux Book

I purchased a blank, wooden hinged box from a local craft store with the intent of making a faux box. When I saw photos from the Doctor Who Expo (I think), I was intrigued by this box/book but am unsure as to what it is from. This photo was taken at a table with other goodies. Since the scene it was used in was so dark, I am very glad these images surfaced.

The book belongs to Ashildr (Lady Me) and is on a book or music stand in her manor. I found it 7:42 minutes into “The Woman Who Lived” episode.

pearl book Lady Me

So far, I have painted the fake book pages on the edge and covered it in black leather (I used black because I couldn’t find brown scraps in the correct sizes). My next step will be to adhere the pearls that create the cross. I also still need to paint the edges to match the leather.


Underskirt coming along

This silk underskirt is coming along and I have to say – I’m glad I had the pieced portion from cutting it on the bias in the bustle area.

The waistband is now attached. All that’s left is trimming the bottom to the correct length and adding a row of pleats, also on the bias.

3W Bottle Caps

Last year, I traded these ribbons at Gallifrey One but for 2016, I made 3W bottle caps to hand out to fellow Missy’s and a few other people.

welcome to heaven ribbon

I’ll have about 50 of the bottle caps with me as well as leftover “Welcome to Heaven” ribbons.

Bias Cut Underskirt

The silk that I coffee dyed a couple of months ago is finally cut out! Due to the “inspiration” photos, it had to be cut out on the bias.

Here’s a before & after photo of the silk that was dyed. It was still a bit damp in this photo.


More to come soon!