Resin Casting Tutorial

There are 3 phases of casting in resin – sculpting your cast, preparing your mold, and casting your resin. For this example, I have used Castin’ Craft’s EasyMold silicone putty for my mold and Castin’ Craft’s EasyCast clear casting epoxy.

I began with preparing my items to be cast by scuplting with polymer clay, specifically Kato Polyclay. Follow your package instructions as to your baking time.

Baked sculpt

The directions are very easy to follow for using the silicone putty. The basic instruction is to use the same amounts of both components and to blend them fully. It is important to remember how quickly the putty sets.


Be sure to read all the instructions of the casting epoxy before you begin!

Carefully mix equal amounts of resin and hardener, add colorant. Pour (carefully) into your mold and allow it to cure. I used a soft cure for my project and my curing time was about 26 hours. Don’t be concerned about bubbles. That’s just the resin “degassing”.

Filled molds

The earliest you can remove your cast from the mold is 24 hours for a soft cure. If your temperature is lower than the recommended temperatures, you could still have wet spots on your cast. A hard cure is 72 hours.

Completed cast


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