Overlay for 1912 Gown

This is for Kayle’s 1912 gown. I totally splurged on it but I got a deal at the same time (it was the last 3 yards on the bolt & they gave me a discount on the amount over what I originally asked for). It’s just a white towel under it to show the colors.


The 1912 Titanic Sewing Project

I’ve always been interested in period clothing, but stalking one of my friends to a Facebook group has enabled me to be part of a cool sewing project. The Vintage Patterns Lending Library will be sending out patterns from 1912 to those participating in the project. My task, as part of the project, will be to make the patterns using my skills as a seamstress. (I’m sure I’ll be begging help from my mom though).

I’m very excited & so are the girls. We’ll be going to Branson in May and going to the Titanic Museum. AND…we’ll be in period costume!