Missy debuts

I debuted Missy at Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days a couple of days ago (Saturday, February 7, 2015). I loved the reaction I got from everyone! So many people knew who I was and only one person asked me if I was Mary Poppins.

Programming the Cyberwoman

Selfie time! Say something nice!

The costume itself had little issues. The bottom snap on the jacket needs a hook & eye fastener on it as well as the snap. It just didn’t want to stay snapped.

And at the end of the day (we left early because I wasn’t feeling that great), this was my look:

Tired Missy


Missy update

I admit it. I work best under pressure. This costume could have been done already, but I’ve totally taken my time on it.

This evening, I worked on the pockets that are in the jacket.

welted pocketInside the pocket

A-Kon 23

This posting is several weeks late, but I’ve been busy. I’m going back to school to finish my BA in Supply Chain Management.

This was my 5th A-Kon, an anime convention in Dallas. But it was the 1st time I cosplayed! I was Mary Poppins, wearing her outfit when she is putting the nursery “spit-spot”. I even had a spoon and a bottle of “medicine”.

Her skirt was made with the Folkwear #209. Her apron is Butterick B5509, enlarged to fit. I was unable to locate yellow & white stripped fabric in time, so this is a plain white shirt from my closet. Time to check out the quilt stores!

I decided not to cosplay as The Woman from Doctor Who. It was just too hot to wear layers of velvet.

Mara & Kayle both cosplayed. They wore their cosplays from Nurarihyon no Mago and Bleach. Kayle also wore her Steampunk gown and her 8th Doctor cosplay. Mara also wore her Lulu cosplay from Final Fantasy X.

Finishing cosplays for A-Kon 23

This Memorial Day weekend is being spent in finishing cosplays for myself, Mara & Kayle. So far, we’ve finished the re-do of Nel from Bleach for Mara. Mara wasn’t happy with how it turned out when she debuted it last year at IKKiCON in Austin. She hated the color, the fabric, how it got “ripped up”. So, she bought fleece. Yes, fleece. That will be worn under the hot Texas sun. But, it’s the color she wanted it originally and it took being “ripped up” better than the t-shirt fabric did. And best of all — I didn’t sew a stitch on the new Nel!

(The image on the left is the original Nel, the image on the right is the new & improved Nel.)

We’re currently working on Hagoromo Gitsune from Nurarihyon No Mago. It’s being made of a black fabric (I need to confirm what the actual fabric is – the bolt said “assorted blacks”). It’s a Japanese schoolgirl costume. The top has a sailor collar (luckily, I’ve made a sailor collar before & can wing it!). The skirt is pleated. No pattern required for the skirt. This will be the 3rd pleated skirt I’ve made.

More still to be finished before A-Kon 23 in just a few days!

The Woman

Okay, I thought my first cosplay would be Mary Poppins, but I decided I needed to do a Doctor Who cosplay. But what character to pick? So, I decided to do a Gallifreyan cosplay. But I really didn’t want to create one of the headdresses. Then I remembered a rather simple character, The Woman from The End of Time. She’s seen mostly in a white suit and only later in the red Gallifreyan robe.


Mary Poppins’ Costume Update

My umbrella arrived today from the Disney Store & I love it! It’s heavy for an umbrella and made of cotton instead of nylon.

There was a change of plan on my fabric for MP’s costume. The fabric I ordered from fabric.com was out of stock by the time they went to cut mine. So, I’m going with a nice cotton. I still need to pick up my skirt pattern from Fabrique! (a local fabric store that sells Folkwear patterns). And I have the apron pattern, so I may start with her apron look instead of what she flys in wearing.