Mary Poppins’ apron


I used Butterick B5509 to make her apron. The fabric is a poly  twill suiting from I did enlarge the pattern for fit.


Mary Poppins’ Hat

My straw hat for MP came today and I’ve attempted to dye the straw. It didn’t work very well as you can see. My next attempt to color the hat will be using fabric paint. More updates to come!

Big day for my mail box

My mail box was stuffed today – 3 slips of paper stating I had packages to pick up.

I had bought a huge wall print (actually 8 prints) of the characters from Nurarihyon no Mago for my otaku daughter, Kayle. It’s fantastic!

I also got my order of coutil from I only ordered 2 yards, hopefully that will be enough for 2 corsets. I still need to get busks and boning.

And the last item was another prop for Mary Poppins. After all, she has to have something for a spoon, right?

(The spoon came last week.)

Mary Poppins’ Costume Update

My umbrella arrived today from the Disney Store & I love it! It’s heavy for an umbrella and made of cotton instead of nylon.

There was a change of plan on my fabric for MP’s costume. The fabric I ordered from was out of stock by the time they went to cut mine. So, I’m going with a nice cotton. I still need to pick up my skirt pattern from Fabrique! (a local fabric store that sells Folkwear patterns). And I have the apron pattern, so I may start with her apron look instead of what she flys in wearing.

Accessories for Mary Poppins

I had to re-watch the movie to make sure I was getting the shoes right for the opening costume for Mary Poppins. They’re actually boots. So, I found some more modern granny boots that look comfy but also look accurate. She does pull out some lovely lavender shoes out of her carpet bag though.

And the parrot umbrella is on order from the Disney Store. Unfortunately, it isn’t available in the store, so I had to order it. (Good thing I searched & didn’t let ebay be my BFF, there was a seller there with the umbrellas for twice as much as they can be bought from Disney.)